Needlework Finishing

rolled-v-hemA model from the Bookmarks 101 finishing class starting on November 16. Registration is open at The Stitchers’ Village.

Speaking of finishing, how many of you stitchers routinely finish your own needlework?

What are the ways you are likely to finish a piece?

And what are ways you’d like to finish a piece if you only knew how?

Personally, I like to finish needlework myself, and I like the end product to be something useful as opposed to a decoration.

I am extremely two-faced when it comes to decoration. I adore a room cluttered with colorful, interesting, and personal doo-dads. You know, those rich red rooms with multi-colored Persian rugs; patterned drapes to the floor; Victorian furniture laden with bright velvety pillows; built-in shelves to the ceiling, packed with books, keepsakes, and collectibles; a couple of statues; a globe; a giant dictionary on a pedestal; a fireplace; etc. But I don’t want to live in one.

In my own living space, decorations are dust-catchers. They’re a lot of work! So instead of creating decorations with my needlework, I’m inclined to decorate what needs to be there or what I can use.

How about you?