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Becca’s Question

Becca asked, “Where are you?”

Answer: Here.

Who can most precisely name the location?

Well, du-uh, of course it’s got to be a game. Critique group members and their families are excluded. Void where prohibited.

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  1. @monique: I said to someone that day, “I couldn’t be more alien if I were green and had antennae on my head.”

    I’ve been to NYC before, and I know what to expect, but being there in it is a whole ‘nother skein of floss. It blows me away.

    But get this: one man asked ME if our NJ Transit train stopped in Newark (it did, and I said as much), and TWO people asked me for directions as I walked to my destination from the train. I couldn’t help them. Also, I did not have bus tour or bike rental info shoved under my nose as several of those around me did.

    Can you believe it? Go figure.

  2. @MB: Yep, that was the view. The only reason I thought to take pictures was because Chrissie did. Thanks, Chrissie!