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Puzzle Contest Answers

decoupage-bookmark-7.jpgThis subscription bookmark-discussed sidebar style in will be box the discussed in finishing the May Needlework Nutshell. (Just thought I’d mix it up a little.)

I have never gotten so many urgent requests for puzzle answers. The Hinkie Pinkies puzzle from The Needlework Show is driving more than a few people to distraction. How fun is that?!

The winners are:

Donna, from Louisville, KY

Mary-Carol, from Las Vegas, NV

Linda, from Grand Prairie, TX

Barbara, from Wharton, TX

The answers are:

Motown mandrill…Funky Monkey
Edgar Allen Poe sanctuary…Raven Haven
Lisping response to a mountain lion’s question…Panther Anther (bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!)
Meals for champions…Winners’ Dinners
Improved jumper…Better Sweater (or Steeper Leaper, as some of you suggested)
Indolent perennial…Lazy Daisy
Pagan hen…Wiccan Chicken
Good looking window above a door…Handsome Transom
Bees+ cannabis nectar=…Funny Honey (Higher Flier works for me, too.)
Cooler joint…Colder Shoulder

Whew! There. Now we can all get back to work.

Thanks to everyone who played.

PS – There’s a puzzle contest every month in The Needlework Nutshell for anyone who’s interested. Do I need to mention again that there’s a subscription box in the sidebar? Nah. I didn’t think so.