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Felting Cables and Mock Croc Bags

Strolling through the Promenade, felting knitted cables caught my attention. I’ve never done that, but I think it would make for an interesting texture–sort of like embossed felt. Using it to create a bag is another attraction. What is it about bags that I find so appealing? Their usefulness? I’m not a purse person, per se (I had to say it!), but pouches and bags scream out to me. Clicking through to the Knitability web site, I found a nifty handbag, which I love, but probably wouldn’t use.

You know what I want to make with felted cables? A book cover. Using a fine wool, so it’s not too thick, I’d knit a long rectangle, felt it, fold the short-side edges back to create pockets to hold the book covers, stitch around the whole thing with a blanket stitch to secure the pockets and decorate the non-pocket edges. Anyone know the softest wool that will felt?

Another offering that catches my eye is the Bold Bags book by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs. After watching Joan demonstrate her Chelsea tote pattern on KayeWoodTV, I’m willing to go with her anywhere, on any project. Her instructions were incredibly clear and her techniques so thoroughly thought out and distilled as to be truly simple. That’s no easy feat.

I’m interested in the faux suede and mock croc materials for possible use with our Tags for Bags, Clips for Zips, and other projects.

Head on over to the Preview Promenade and see what ideas you get!

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