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Preview Promenade Update

I just took my nightly stroll through the Preview Promenade and discovered Phoenix Bess, a 14-year-old knitwear designer. I love the Queen Anne’s Lace sweater and the felted backpack she shows in the Promenade, and her style in general, so I clicked over to her web site. She’s got a pattern for yoga pants! I love them! I want to knit them now.

I never thought I’d be the yoga pants type, but a friend gave me a pair (thanks Beck!) and to my surprise (and perhaps Mike’s horror) I love them and wear them often, and not just for yoga. Knit yoga pants just knocked felt slippers down on the priority list.

I have by no means selected a yarn to use, but I’m fairly certain that it would be cheaper to buy a pair of yoga pants than it will be to knit a pair. Forget the time comparison. So why will I knit a pair instead?

Because I want to. Because I can make them exactly the way I want them. Because I can project my personal tastes with colors and even stitches (how about a lacy pattern around the bottom?). Because it will be fun. Because I’ll be proud to wear something I’ve made, and that’s good for my self-esteem and confidence. Because I’ll learn something and be better able to tackle whatever is next. Because I’ll spend many hours and evenings engaged in and entertained by the project. Compare that to “a bite to eat and a movie,” and that’s way-yonder more bang for my buck.

I believe the money that I spend on yarn to knit a pair of yoga pants is money well-spent. I choose yarn (okay, just about any craft material) over dinner and a movie. But that’s me.

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