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Preview Promenade…again!

I’m having such a blast with the Preview Promenade! When I attend TNNA shows, I’m generally in my booth. I try to get out and see the show, but it’s usually a high-speed tour. Rarely do I get the chance to stop and look closely at other vendors’ booths, except perhaps my immediate neighbors.

Well, the Preview Promenade is my chance to browse, and that’s what I’m doing. Tonight I virtually wandered through Jackie E-S’s yarn photo albums. I’m a big sock-knitter to start with, so looking at her patterns and the gorgeous yarns she uses sends me into knitting frenzy. I’m not lying or even stretching the truth when I say I need some new wool socks!

And I just might need a knitted elephant and some crochet bowls!

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  1. Thanks Jen for the nice comments about my featured yarns photo albums. Yes, I bet you could use some warm socks up there in the north, lol.

    I too am enjoying seeing what other designers are showing at the Preview Promenade. and the telling of stories behind the designs.