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Thoughts and information on stitching, and what I am currently working on.

Hari Kuyo

Stitching for Literacy, Hari-Kuyo, broken needle festival

Next Tuesday, on February 8, Japanese needleworkers will lay their broken pins and needles to rest during Hari Kuyo. Hari Kuyo images courtesy of Arenamontanus / Anders Sandberg. Hari Kuyo, as I […]

Setting Goals

Stitching for Literacy - Harriet's Creative Gifts calendar

I realize it’s January 4th, but I am still writing, choosing, and organizing goals for 2011. A pessimist might consider that a bad sign, but I am not a pessimist; I think […]

Creative Gifts – Day #19

Harriet's embroidered placemat

Harriet’s back with another creative gift idea and sketch. This time, she’s making placemats. While a project like this can be the opposite of quick–I know this from experience–she plans to speed […]

Creative Gifts – Day #17

Hand embroidered Christmas stocking

On the tattered bit of scrap paper that contains my extremely official, top-secret Creative Gifts list of ideas–yes, that’s it there, below an old sudoku puzzle I tested–uh-huh, right there it says, […]