Creative Gifts – Day #24

Materials for scrap stocking

A cardboard stocking form + some glue + fiber scraps + ribbon scrap = ornament.

Scrap stockingNow, what I really wanted was a tree form, since I had all those green scraps. I would then decorate the tree with beads and sequins, but this is the last remaining form in my stash; I used the trees some time ago. I contemplated cutting out a flat cardboard tree. That’s all, just contemplated.

The key, in my opinion, is patience and applying several layers of scrap fiber. I’ve decoupaged some of these, but I think I prefer the soft fiber as the outer texture, even though stray bits occasionally fall off.

And there we are: 24 Creative Gift Ideas. Whew! Several times during the month, I had doubts as to whether I’d hit the 24 goal, but here we are.

Next up: I think we should, as a group, aim to execute all of them–or some variation of them–before holiday time next year. What do you think? Would you help?

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  1. “Next up” idea, YES 😉 Very clever and stress-reducing idea.
    -And perhaps you can make some tiny kits for some of these projects?

    These oak-tags, stitch-bands in different widths??? (never had any of these), fibers, and … all these funny things we need to execute niceties (to me the word “execute ideas” seems like something for the army of stitcher’s with the glue guns and all, remember…? (-sorry, it is an internal joke from the Bookmark 101 Class)

    I’m game!
    Regards form Harriet
    -who is still making x-mas gifts – on overtime, but with patient receivers, like mom! 😉