Creative Gifts – Day #17

On the tattered bit of scrap paper that contains my extremely official, top-secret Creative Gifts list of ideas–yes, that’s it there, below an old sudoku puzzle I tested–uh-huh, right there it says, “stitch on ready-made anything.”

“Anything” may be a stretch (or not, I just thought of a way to stitch on a BBQ grill), but it’s a good idea, especially when time is tight.

When I scribbled that on the list, I immediately thought of Laverne from Laverne and Shirley. Remember how all her sweaters and shirts had an L on them? I don’t suppose they were actually hand-embroidered, but the point is we can personalize things and make them special with just a bit of embroidery.

By itself, that idea is less than impressive. It needs an illustration, something beautiful to prove that despite the simplicity of the idea, we can create something special with it. Unfortunately, I’ve been wracking my brain for an illustration, and apparently I’ve never embroidered on a ready-made anything. Is that possible? Without some sort of proof–not even a sketch–it feels a little lame. Or, more accurately, I feel lame.

In swoops Susan (in her beautifully hand-embroidered superhero cape) with this to share:

Hand embroidered Christmas stockingMacy’s was giving away (at $8 each–such a deal!) quilted cotton velveteen Christmas stockings. Using the infamous Kreinik braid #8, perle cotton #12 and hand-dyed silk floss, I managed to stitch some illuminated initials from La Broderie Blanche 1912 (free, online at Mary Corbet’s site). The patterns were traced on the computer monitor and transferred to the cuff using a basting stitch through thin paper. Stitches included: stem, chain, whipped chain and Colonial knot. They worked up quickly and best of all (according to that Food TV host!), they were semi-home-made.

Illuminated initial on Christmas stockingSee? Now we’re onto something!

Woot, Susan!

Do you have time to stitch on a ready-made something this week? Will you?

Who else has Creative Gift idea to share?

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