Creative Gifts – Day #18

Hmm…let’s see…what shall I pick from the Idea List today? How about this: “Stitch on felt/fleece.” This list is brilliant, no? Perhaps I should explain.

Felt and fleece don’t fray, they’re easy to stitch on, and lots of things can be made from them. They lend themselves to quick projects, and let’s face it, time is short just now. Christmas is only a week (and a year) away. For instance, a narrow length of wool felt or fleece with a bit of embroidery on the ends becomes a scarf.

Or perhaps you have time to cut out an animal shape.

Felt animal ornamentsOr three. If you cut the legs separately and attach them with buttons, they become movable parts. Use a blanket stitch for decoration or to attach two layers to allow for a bit of stuffing inside.

I wish I had these patterns to share–I made them from Mike’s sketches–but I made these ages ago and cannot find them just now. However, I know you’re creative and resourceful and can create your own patterns. Or wait until I find or re-create these in much better time for a project next year.

I’m pretty impressed that Mike found these images. They’re 35mm transparencies. It took him longer to remember how to scan transparencies than to locate them in the archives.

Felt animal ornaments on tree at Wonder LakeI made these while we were caretaking in Denali National Park. We took them, along with a tree skirt we’d made, up to Wonder Lake and decorated a tree. The (fake) tree in our cabin was a foot high and looked silly with these.

Tree skirt

You know what else would be quick to craft with felt or fleece? Coasters.

Your turn. What other creative gifts might we make with felt, fleece, and a bit of embroidery?

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  1. Hmmmm … what about white felt snowflakes. Treat a square of white felt like paper, fold in half and then in half again. Draw on a quarter snowflatke pattern then cut out, like we did when were were kids making snowflakes out of paper. Unfold and ‘voila’ a snowflake ready for embellishment.
    Then get busy with some twinkly thread and some pretty beads and embellish as time permits.
    Wonderful idea to add to present decoration, or hang several on varying lengths of thread against a window … a quick, pretty little decoration.

  2. The ornaments are wonderful. I like Janie’s idea of felt snowflakes, too. I just go inspired with the idea of a felt origami tree. I’ll let you know if it works.

  3. Snowflakes! I have beads and sequins that would be perfect for snowflakes.

    And I’m thinking my Charles Dickens Christmas Stories book needs snowflake bookmark, as would all the ones I give away.