Secret Revealed!

One of the problems of maintaining this blog is the occasional need for secrecy. I can’t share plots of new stories I’m writing or details of unpublished designs. Sometimes secrecy is written into contracts I sign. Sometimes I just don’t want my in-laws and friends to know what they’re getting for Christmas.

group-slippers-1.jpgFive of six pre-felted pairs of slippers I knitted for the holiday. The sixth pair stayed in AK; these five came to WA.

I began knitting in September (the olive and brown pair on the left), during the Kluane trip. My goal was to complete one pair. Then I decided to tackle another pair. Then another. Kay, at Far North Yarn Company in Anchorage, got to know Mike; he was in the shop selecting wool on a regular basis, as he commuted between home and work in Girdwood.

The night we left AK to come to WA for the holiday, I finished pair #5 in the car just before heading to the airport. I had run out of wool and had to get more in town. I finished the last pair, #6, in WA during a rare time when I was home alone.

group-slippers-2.jpgSlipper (still pre-felted) owners: Barb, Rose, Dave, Bob, Thea

The slippers are all felted now, and scattered to their various homes where they warm toes and cushion heels. They were a heap of fun to make. It’s a great pattern from Fiber Trends. I have one of their patterns for felted bags, too, but I’m not sure where it is. I must look for that.

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  1. OK, OK. Well, then you have to teach me. I received a gift certificate for knitting supplies, so good timing! I suppose I’ll have to wait for spring though… ha

  2. You betcha! We can make a weekend of it. I probably have enough leftover wool to make a Partridge-family-bus pair for house loaners.