Weekend Site-Seeing

glacier-2.jpgSpencer Glacier, during a ride to Grandview on the Alaska Railroad.

One of the blogs that I read regularly is In a Minute Ago by Sharon B. The blog is just a tiny part of her Web offerings.

Sharon astounds me. She is a super-creative and super-talented needle artist who seems to have found a way to cram 30 hours of activity into each 24-hour day. I don’t know how she does what she does, but I’m hoping that if I hang out around her some of it might rub off. Sharon manages to find the coolest of cool sites, posts, and needleworky ideas, and she shares them on her blog. After accumulating an unwieldy number of Favorites links from her, I created a special folder for them on my computer called “Sharon B.”

Sharon just started a stitching network site called Stitchin Fingers. I have no idea how it works, really, but I’ve joined, and I hope to carve out some time to participate.

I discovered Sharon searching for instructions for a particular embroidery stitch. Someone asked me for help, and I thought I’d see what might already be available rather than draw a tutorial myself. Check out Sharon’s Stitch Dictionary.

Cool, eh?

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