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Bookmark Tips

Okay, I’m officially on a cardstock kick for finishing bookmarks. This is not the tip I planned for this week, but I’m going where my enthusiasm takes me. First it was ready-made […]

Creating Creatives, Part 4

Higher-Level Thinking by Linda Stanek Next up on Bloom’s Taxonomy is the first of the “higher-order thinking” tiers—Analysis. Here, students can finally appraise, compare, contrast—and here’s what’s really important—criticize and question their […]

Creating Creatives, Part 3

Moving Up by Linda Stanek The second tier on Bloom’s Taxonomy, that hierarchy of learning, is Understanding. Here, students begin to be able to classify, describe, discuss, explain, and identify the things […]

Bookmark Tips

It’s true: I have bookmarks on the brain. And not just during the Bookmark Challenge. One day, while strolling through a scrapbooking display (I am not a scrapbooker, just a stroller), I […]