The Needlework Show

Operation TBD is today! On your mark. Get set. Drop!

When you’re finishing dropping a book or two or twenty, reward yourself with an hour or two or twenty of browsing The Needlework Show. It opens today.

This is the online wholesale trade show that anyone can view. If you see something you just have to have, contact one of the attending shops to place your order.

If, like me, you have a slow Internet connection, you can, also like me, stitch a bookmark while pages load. Enhance your needlework browsing with a little needlework.

As usual, Funk & Weber Designs is hosting a puzzle contest. Visit the show for the link to the puzzle.

Happy dropping, browsing, and stitching!

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  1. I’m already deeply immersed. I “met” Jen through this Show. I went to her site for the puzzle contest, loved her designs, subscribed to the Nutshell, emailed her about an article in the Nutshell, responded to her response and started reading the blog… The rest is history!