Bookmark Tips

Okay, I’m officially on a cardstock kick for finishing bookmarks. This is not the tip I planned for this week, but I’m going where my enthusiasm takes me. First it was ready-made tags for backs. Then it was stitching cards from Tokens & Trifles. This week I want to talk about making our own card stock backings. For me, it started with the Readergirlz hand-mirror bookmark idea.

The idea was to create a familiar rectangular-ish bookmark shape with the card but attach the needlework so that it could stick out above the book, remaining visible while in use. The long bit of card stock provides a place to write book titles and/or quotes to keep a record of books the bookmark has marked. Best of all, I liked how the hand-mirror look connected to the Readergirlz tagline, Read, Reflect, Reach Out. The bookmark, with its list of book titles and favorite lines becomes a reflection of the owner, demonstrating his/her interests.

Now, we can simply cut rectangular shapes with plain or fancy-edged scissors. We can use a marker to color the edges. We can add layers of differently sized papers to create colorful frames around the stitching. These will all look great and allow for endless variations and creativity.

We can also use our computers to create different shapes.

On the left is the hand-mirror shape; on the right, up-side down, is one I just whipped up now. It calls to mind firecrackers, POW!, and ice cream. Both of these were created in–brace yourselves–Microsoft Word. That’s right. Straight lines, curved lines, and the starburst is an AutoShape.

If you have Microsoft Word, you can create all sorts of card stock shapes for bookmark backs. Or, if you prefer, you can print, cut, and use the hand-mirror or firecracker backs.

Or you can stitch directly on the printed card stock backs, pre-poking holes with a needle or awl, or simply making the necessary holes with your needle as you stitch. Hmm…I think I’m going to do one like that.

How about you? Anything here give you an idea you’d like to try? Let us know. We want to see it, too!

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  1. I love the POW! I can’t beleive you did that in Word.
    I saw a book of Manga cross-stitch recently- my son definitely wants me to get it. Little Manga pieces would be great on that backing. Ooh! The brain just never stops working. (Oh, is that a feedback loop?)