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Why has it been so quiet here? Well, I’ll tell you. The unpaid labor arrived. That would be Bob and Thea, Mike’s parents. We thought this chair was temporary, that we’d ditch […]

Pocket Bookmark, Too

I had planned to make one of Sisu’s pocket bookmarks this month, but between baseball-bookmark stitching, outreach-bookmark stitching, and class-project stitching, it didn’t happen. However, ideas beget ideas, and Sisu’s project influenced […]

Pocket Bookmarks

Needlework Nutshell reader and fellow stitcher, Sisu, has come up with a pocket bookmark finishing technique that I love. Just before Christmas, Sisu decided to make a bookmark for her son’s friend, […]

Making Doors

Mike’s current project is making the doors for the guest cabins. He glued together the individual boards of the doors last summer. I helped sand them. He’s routing out grooves for the […]