Bookmark Tips

It’s true: I have bookmarks on the brain. And not just during the Bookmark Challenge. One day, while strolling through a scrapbooking display (I am not a scrapbooker, just a stroller), I spied these groovy tags in great colors and immediately thought bookmarks.

They are perfect as backings for one-sided bookmarks or bases for two-sided bookmarks (think: the bologna in the needlework sandwich).

Stitch a design or doodle on any piece of fabric–put your scraps to use–then glue it to the tag. Or, if the card stock used for the tag is thin enough, stitch the embroidered fabric to the tag.

Attach a ribbon or collection of interesting fibers to the grommet, and, voila!, you’ve got yourself an attractively finished bookmark.

You can also make your own tags, complete with handy-dandy, not to mention sturdy, grommets. They, along with the tools to set them, are there with the scrapbooking supplies. I saw them.

Look around you. What else might serve as a base for a quick-and-easy bookmark finish?

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