Why has it been so quiet here? Well, I’ll tell you. The unpaid labor arrived. That would be Bob and Thea, Mike’s parents.



We thought this chair was temporary, that we’d ditch it when we found one we liked that went with the house.

We never found one we liked, and this one is small enough to fit in our tiny space, so we decided to re-cover it. Then we learned its history.

This chair belonged to Mike’s grandmother. It was passed down to his aunt who had it re-shaped to this square 1950s-ish style and re-covered. It was then passed to Mike’s parents, who re-covered it–twice, I think. The chair then came to AK to Mike’s brother’s house, and then here four years ago.

As we tore it apart, we discovered that some of the original horse hair remains along with the added wool batting from when Mike’s aunt had it re-shaped. We even saw how it was re-shaped and considered taking it back to the original curved design. That was a little more than we wanted to tackle just now, but maybe next time.

Having learned the history, there’s no way we’re chucking this chair! It’s made well, and will last longer than we’ll need it.

It’s not quite finished–wait till you see how I paint the feet!

Much to Mike’s chagrin, I call it Scottie’s Throne, what with the surrounding gold walls. Go, Vikings! Now Mike wants the couch re-done in Honolulu Blue and Silver. Go, Lions! Sorry, Mike. Not happening.



For the permanent garden beds, meaning “for as long as I’ll need them.”



Finishing our winter project. The empty octagon in the gable will finally be filled.

Those are my excuses, and I’m sticking to them. Chances are good it will be quiet in the coming week, too. I’ll tell you all about it eventually.

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  1. I love purple – my favorite color !! Wonderful chair.
    Nice to have unpaid labor with skills. Send them down!

  2. Yea, I will line up the projects!
    Thanks for sharing… come along. Bring some blue berries.