Pocket Bookmark, Too

I had planned to make one of Sisu’s pocket bookmarks this month, but between baseball-bookmark stitching, outreach-bookmark stitching, and class-project stitching, it didn’t happen.

However, ideas beget ideas, and Sisu’s project influenced the way I finished my outreach bookmark.

jens-pocket-bookmark.jpgI finished the edge with a picot edge stitch–if you have the Funk & Weber bracelet or tags pattern, or you’ve taken the bracelet class, you know this stitch. (And you know how much I love it!) I planned to sandwich a ribbon between the stitched piece and some backing felt.

Instead, I selected a wider ribbon and mounted the stitched piece directly on it.

jens-pocket-bookmark-2.jpgI stitched the long sides and the short side on the right, leaving the top open for a pocket.

As an avid list-maker, I love the idea of keeping a record of the books in which the bookmark has lived.

Can you think of other ways to make a pocket bookmark? I’ve got a couple more I aim to try.