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Great Show Find!

On the second day of the TNNA NeedleArts Market, I went to the convention center an hour early so that I could cruise through some of the aisles and see the displays. Funk & Weber Designs had a booth, so during show hours I was tied to it. That’s the problem with exhibiting: unless you have help, you don’t get to walk around and see the other booths. You might think I had help, what with Mike there and all, but that’s not exactly how it works with us.

Anywho, as I snaked through the racks of books at the Unicorn booth, I ran smack into

I stopped and read the story on the spot. Then I read it again because that’s what you do with picture books. I got through less than half the booths that morning, but that’s okay because nothing was going to excite me more than being able to touch, read, and smell a brand new Woolbur book.

You are aware that I’ve met the illustrator, right? It’s exciting to see a friend’s book on a shelf out in public!

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  1. You’re telling me…I still get excited to see Clueless in Alaska books on the racks somewhere. (and the email I sent you this morning…see?)

  2. I got so excited when I found the Nancy Drew books. And I haven’t actually met you- but I still felt a thrill.