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Still Puzzling

puzzle.jpgYesterday, my break from sports puzzles was natural history puzzles. Today, my break from sports puzzles was a needlework puzzle. Hm, a busman’s holiday? I dug out our “new” puzzle design that was about half-stitched in early December and remains about half-stitched today.

Before we left in December, I took the piece off the frame, rolled and wrapped it up, and put it away. I had TNNA displays and classes to prep, CHA displays to prep, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to work on it while I was gone. Mike did offer to disassemble my frame and take it with us, but I declined. I started stitching this more than a year ago, and he’s as eager as I am to see it finished. My goal is still to have it ready to display at the June TNNA trade show. Given my current schedule, that is a lofty goal, but I’m going to try.

I didn’t actually stitch today, I just set things up. I still have to wade through the dozen or so pattern sheets and figure out again where I am in the pattern, and what fibers we’ve selected. It’s a design-as-we-go situation, so we’re printing bits and pieces as we progress. Not only is the design a puzzle, but the designing is a puzzle, too! Good thing I like puzzles.

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