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“Finishes” are what we dub completed needlework, and I think we can extend the term to published stuff, don’t you?

The second project for Taku Graphics, a kids’ puzzle book (ages 7-12) made exclusively for Alaska Geographic, is now out. Or, at least, I now have a copy.


Like the sudoku/trivia book, the cover art is by Gail Niebrugge. Unlike the sudoku/trivia book, there is interior art as well: linoleum block prints, many of which can be colored, by Karen Beason. I’m very happy with the book. I love how the art works with the puzzles, and I like the font the designer finally chose. I didn’t care for the font in the proof.

There is one error (a gremlin attack because the error is not in my proof) that prevents the book from being perfect (or as near perfect as a book can get). On page 20, somehow the logic puzzle chart was changed into part of the puzzle image on page 21. Not the whole puzzle image, mind you, just part. I don’t know if Taku has discovered this yet or not. I know I need to tell them, but I hate to do it. I’ll put a copy of the chart on my Web site so anyone who wants to can print and play. Of course, readers can make their own charts, too.

On the up side, there’s an Easter Egg (to borrow the DVD term) on page 41. When I post the book on my writing Web site (which is woefully out of date), I’ll reveal that secret. I will also point out that the animal track images on page 9 are drawings by yours truly. Yes, indeed, I am now an illustrator. Yippee! I even managed to lay them out around the puzzle myself, wonder of wonders.

I also got contributor copies of the July/August issue of Kid Zone magazine. I wrote the Hot Dog History article and a couple of puzzles in the issue.


I used to do a good bit of magazine work, but I got out of that habit. I think I need to bring some magazine work back into my writing life. It’s fun. I’m doing another article and probably a puzzle for the December Kid Zone, too.

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