For the most part, we don’t vacation. At least not like some people do: where they designate 2 weeks, make reservations, and go somewhere.

I routinely say, “My whole life is a vacation.” There may be some truth in that.

We are visiting the lodge that Mike remodeled over the winter. It’s the first I’m seeing it, and Wow! What a job! It’s huge and beautiful, and best of all, it doesn’t look like an addition. It looks as though it’s always been this way.

Truth is, we’re here to finish some trim and stair rails. I’m helping. That’s right: working. But I stopped by the library on my way here, and picked up a bunch of books. In addition to unloading some lumber and rounding up sawhorses and such, I read 2 of the books and started a third.

It feels like a vacation to me!

I read Heartbeat, by Sharon Creech. I’m not a fan of the free verse style, but I loved the story.

I read The King’s Equal, by Katherine Paterson. I’m not a huge fan of fairy tales, and this had all the features that bug me about fairy tales (repetition, a lack of logic sometimes), but it’s an original tale and it’s told by a brilliant writer, so it was a good read.

I started Princess Ashley, by Richard Peck. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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