Needle and ThREAD

Bookmark #2 Kicks Butt…Mine!


I thought that after 3 color overhauls, and who-knows-how-many minor color tweaks, I was in the home stretch with this bookmark. Not so.

While I am at last happy with the colors, I am not happy with the placement of 2 of them. I want to switch those 2 colors around, but that’s a pretty big deal. And when you get right down to it, I’m not happy with the gargantuan size of the thing (size is relative).

Today I hoisted my white flag and sat down to do an overall pattern reduction and color swap. I went from 40 x 44 stitches to 36 x 36–about 3 hours of fiddling combined with a phone chat, dog petting, and some desk tidying.

I’ll begin a brand new model after I walk the dog. This will be the third fresh start. Many rippings and re-stitchings in between. If I love it in the end, I won’t mind all this mucking about.

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