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Yikes! I fell off the blogging horse and it took off without me. It’s taken me this long to limp back to the barn.

But here I am!

The August newsletter went out on August 1, as usual. If you did not receive it, you will not at this point. You will have to pick it up in the Zinester archives. (It’s a good one, too, so worth the effort.)

You can also contact your ISP and let them know you want to receive that newsletter, put it on your white list, put the address in your address book. All those things will help assure that it arrives to your inbox each month.

What happens is, as I understand it, my newsletter goes out from a server that is used by other newsletter-writers, too. A dedicated server (my own) is way-yonder too expensive. Some people who receive newsletters (mine or anyone else’s from the server) complain and tag them as spam. An ISP or mail host may then block all emails from that server. It’s sometimes called blacklisting. Zinester must then clear up the issues with the ISP, which seems to be a bit of work.

So, if you didn’t get the newsletter, send me an email (mail at funkandweber dot com) with the address where it would normally be sent, and I’ll forward it to Zinester so they can work on it. They are aware of the problem, and say they are fixing it; however, it seems to be a never-ending problem.

My lease at Zinester is up in a few months. I will consider alternatives. If anyone has suggestions, I’m listening.

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  1. No help here – I don’t do an email newletter (yet). But just wanted to say a little yay with you on getting it out! So, YAY!

  2. Thanks, Kat! I constantly remind myself that the newsletter is free, and if I have other deadlines that prevent me from getting one out on time (or at all) it would be okay–the world would not stop spinning. But I keep making that first-of-the-month self-imposed deadline! Wooooo!

    Truth is, I love writing it.

  3. I got mine. You’re right, it was good. It amazes me that you always do get it out on time. If Kat is the Kat of Kross-Eyed Kat, I just finished your Cat and Crossbones freebie. I’m giving it to a pirate/cat-loving friend. What is it with designers and white on black? What is it with me for doing them?

  4. Glad you liked the August Nutshell, Becca. What do you think about more interviews?

    It is indeed Cross-Eyed Kat, who seems to have a lot of brain cells exactly like mine. We independently generate a lot of similar ideas. It’s kind of freaky.

    Designers like white on black because it looks cool.

    You do them because you’re cool!

  5. How kind of you to say so. Nuts, was more what I had in mind-for me, not the designers!
    Yes, to more interviews!