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My needlework newsletter, the Needlework Nutshell, goes out the first of the month. Three times today, I sent test posts of the August 1 issue to 3 different addresses. You know, for the final edit and to check the links and all that. None of the test posts have been received. That’s 0 of 9. Uh-oh.

Earlier this month I did some troubleshooting with Yahoo (one of my addresses) and Zinester (newsletter host) to try to figure out why my newsletter wasn’t getting through to Yahoo. It took a couple of weeks to jump through all the hoops. The problem seems to have been the links in the newsletter. Yahoo was blocking the newsletter entirely, not even sending it to the bulk folder where spam goes. There are a lot of subscribers with Yahoo addresses, which means none of them have been getting the newsletter for some time. Grrr.

But I regularly get two other Zinester newsletters at my Yahoo address, and they both have links, so go figure. Plus, Zinester is a double-opt-in service; the newsletters from them should pass inspection.

Zinester said they moved my newsletter to a different server. Hmmm. Serving Jupiter, perhaps?

I emailed Support. I’m sure they’ll fix it. I’m not sure they’ll fix it by August 1, however. We’ll see.

It’s a great issue! I tried something new–interviewing a fellow needlework designer–and it was a heap of fun. We’ll see what readers think. I have it in my head to interview all sorts of needlework folks, even non-embroidery ones–Lazy Girl, Joan, perhaps. I think there’s a lot to be gained by dabbling in, or at least looking at, other crafts. I take ideas from all sorts of crafts and adapt them to embroidery.

Oh, there are subscription boxes on most of our website pages, if you’re interested. I didn’t mean for this to be an ad for the newsletter, though.

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  1. Send me the addy with which your are subscribed, Monique, so I can let Zinester know. And you especially need to read this month’s, so hit the archives, ok?