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Bookmark #1, Revealed


I posted this on my Web site yesterday and announced it to shop owners, so the pattern is officially out there. This is the first Needle and Thread bookmark! A minimum of 10% of profits from the sale of this pattern will be donated to libraries, schools, and/or literacy projects.

This is also half of a Tribute to Librarians, those generous people who dispense fun. I asked a bunch of librarians (ahem–library media specialists) for library and book jokes. I thought I might be able to build bookmark patterns around them–indeed, I did. Well, there was one joke that kept turning up.

A chicken walks into a library and says, “Book, book, book!” (Say it as though you’re making a chicken sound. Really. Out loud. NOW!) So the librarian gives the chicken a book. The chicken takes the book outside to a pond and sits down next to a frog. The frog says, “Read-it, read-it.”

I said this was one half of a Tribute to Librarians. Can you guess what the other half is? You don’t expect me to do everything in order, do you?

I need to stitch another model. I gave mine to the library in Anchorage to generate enthusiasm for our program.

There’s a title on the book the frog is holding. You can’t read it in this picture. Any guesses as to what the book is? It’s completely guessable.

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  1. It’s wonderful! I can’t wait. This is going to impact my celtic knot biscornus project. Sigh.