White Killer Whale

Speaking of whales…an almost all white one was spotted along the Aleutian Islands. Check it out. It’s got some brownish, yellowish color, so it’s probably not an albino, but it’s certainly unique. You know how I like unique things.

And, lest you think I can’t tie this to needlework, how about an orca LET THERE BE NIGHT Stitchling?! Hmm…I don’t think I’ve considered that one yet. I have another oceany one in the old bean pot, and maybe I could add an orca to it. Or maybe it needs its own design.

Are you aware that killer whales/orcas aren’t really whales at all, but rather super-sized dolphins?

It’s true.


Like orcas, musk oxen are cool. Both have colored “saddles” on their backs, and just as you might be surprised that orcas are related to dolphins, you might be surprised to learn that musk oxen are related to sheep and goats. And it appears as though Mike has never scanned any whale images into the computer.

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  1. Wow – back home and you’re blogging up a storm, Jen! Personally, I’d love to see an orca Let there be Night Stitchling. I love that series!

  2. The first attempt at a design resulted in a panda-like bout of hilarity. I think I have a better idea, though.