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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The puzzles for all current projects are finished. Some are still in the hands of young testers and my critique group, but I expect to do the final polish tomorrow and send the last batch on their way.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on taxes. Like most people, I don’t enjoy tax time, although I seem to have a better attitude this year than I’ve had in some years. I’m not opposed to paying taxes. Not at all. I appreciate at least some of the things taxes do for me and for others. What I mind is the painful, time-sucking, convoluted process required to pay them. The tax laws of this country are one of the Seven Absurd Wonders of the World. What I also mind is that there is apparently no effective way to be fair about the whole thing. You know how Christmas can bring out the best in people? I think tax time brings out the worst. Ergo, it’s best to get through them as quickly as possible and move on. I hope to finish taxes tomorrow, too.

And then what?

Ohmygosh, the calendar is blank! The world opens up and all things are again possible. Hmm, what shall I tackle next? A book proposal? A story? A design? A class? I love being in this place.

Of course, that’s not exactly precisely the whole and factual truth. There are things I should do next, and I’ll do them. But there aren’t any specific deadlines looming, and I feel a sense of freedom, endless possibility, and hope.
paradise.jpgAh. Paradise.

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  1. Wow. Congrats on making it through that crazy, deadline-laden time. Can’t wait to see what comes out of your time now… It is almost gardening time. 😉

  2. Thanks! I’m eager to see what comes about next, too.

    I’m planning to start seeds in the house this year. I had April in mind as the month to start, but breakup is early so maybe I should push it earlier.

    Actually, I’d better read that AK gardening book Mike got me. Hm. Maybe that should be the first book on my Bookmark Challenge reading list.