Weekend Site-Seeing: Readergirlz

I really, really, really wish I were more involved with the Readergirlz Web site. I love what the divas are doing; it’s something I dreamed of doing myself (and discussed with one of my critique partners).

It’s an online book club (sound familiar?), more or less. More, really. Every month they read a YA book, then they interview the author, have a live chat with him/her, create a music playlist for the book, design a poster, and then discuss the book on a MySpace forum. How cool is that? I really need to be a member.

Be sure to check out their manifesta and past issues.

Hmm…it seems to me that Readergirlz are prime candidates to participate in the Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy Bookmark Challenge. Hmm…

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  1. Thanks for supporting readergirlz! Come on over to the forum – or perhaps you are already there, under a different username! Either way, I’m glad that you like what the readergirlz are doing and what we stand for, and I hope you participate in future book discussions and community outreach projects. 🙂