I just picked, washed, and ate 14 strawberries.

The turnips are in the freezer, cubed-and-blanched and cooked-and-mashed.

First round of collards are in the freezer (with the earlier chard, spinach, and kale).

Second round of spinach coming on.

A gallon-and-a-half of blueberries in the freezer.

It was inevitable. A young moose broke in and tromped through the beets, carrots, and green onions. A tall moose munched the tops of several pea plants. It could have been much worse. I’m looking into solar-powered electric fences, and Mike found something interesting touted by the gardening guru in the Anchorage Daily News. I think we’ll upgrade to a real fence next year.

Our poor tomatoes. They think they can; they think they can.

Yesterday, two visiting farmers from the Midwest looked at our green beans and said, “They need magnesium.” Hmm…where can I get magnesium?

I wonder what the broccoli needs. They’re putting out some heads now, so all is not lost.

A couple of snap peas are about ready. The other peas are a beautiful mess of purple, pink, and white flowers just now.

No shortage of salad greens (and reds).

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  1. What, no photos? Our blueberries are enormous down here this year (so far). Raspberries and Salmonberries are lagging behind though.

  2. I will take a pic of the “mess of peas” at some point. They’re quite pretty, but a bit too cluttered for easy picking.

    Rumor has it raspberries are bad out here, too. Ours were transplanted in June, so I figured they were just taking the year off to move in and set up house.

    Our blueberries are smaller than last year, and less abundant “down low.” The ones on the hill seem plentiful.