Children's writing

We Need Diverse Books

Here’s my little “Yopp!” for the #weneeddiversebooks campaign going on this weekend. Thanks to Grace Lin and Cheryl Klein for showing me where and how to direct my yopp—and for helping to provide the diverse books I love to read.

Children's books with divers characters and authors

It took me under a minute to grab a handful of diverse books off my shelf.

I want diverse books to be published because they appeal to my sense of adventure. I love to travel and do new things, and books enable me to do way-yonder more adventuring than I can do in my own life. I adore books that take me to new places, expose me to new activities, and show me different points of view.

That’s what diverse books do for kids, too, and I think that’s a good thing. I think it’s vital to developing empathy for others, a necessity in our complex, diverse, ever-shrinking world.