Score! Justina Chen Books

Looky what I got in the mail!

Return To Me and What Now books by Justina Chen

Score! Justina recently started a Facebook author page, and I was an early follower. When she held a contest giving away a couple of her books, guess who was right there? Lucky me!

I e-met Justina through the Readergirlz. She’s one of the divas. I became a fan after reading North of Beautiful. I liked it so much, it was one of the books I gave away during Operation Teen Book Drop one year.

Books dropped during Operation TBD

At the time, I indicated I would write a review of the book, but, alas, it seems I never did. Know this, though: I’ve given away a number of copies. How’s that for a recommendation? There’s something important in that book, something teen girls need to read and think about.

I haven’t started Return to Me yet. I’m saving it for summer because it’s a real book (as opposed to those fake digital ones), and I can read it outside without fighting glare from the e-reader.

I read What Now: Survival Guide for the Blindsided and Brokenhearted as soon as it arrived. It’s intended for women facing a broken marriage, but, honestly, it has something to offer anyone who’s ever been blindsided or brokenhearted, whether that occurs in a relationship or in work or in life. If I were to describe this book in one word, that word would be “grace.”

If you’ve just been blindsided in your marriage and could use a survival guide—or know someone who has and could—send your (or her) address in an email to jen AT funkandweber DOT com, and I’ll send you this book. If no one claims it in the coming week, I’m going to send it to a friend who doesn’t strictly need it just now but who, like me, will get something from it. It’s a beautiful book that can help anyone turn “the dust of betrayal [or disappointment] into the stardust of a new life.”

Oh, and it’s signed, which makes it a little hard to give up, but it was a gift, and this gift needs to be shared.

It’s such a treat to win books. Thanks, Justina! If you’re not familiar with Justina or her books, I hope you’ll check them out.

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