And So It Begins…Again

Leaves popping out on aspen trees

Taken May 11, 2014

The aspens popped yesterday. One day’s growth is pretty spectacular. For the next three months, nature and the season are on fast forward.

First flower of the year.

The first flower of 2014.

I’ve begun walking through the aspen grove in search of fairy slippers. They’re usually the first flowers I see. This one, however, has been out for days. I suppose it has an advantage being in a somewhat cultivated bed.


And so it begins.

I planted some of these in mid-April, some every week since. I need to do some thinning, but, as usual, the idea makes me sad. Sophie’s Jen’s choice.

The main garden beds are turned, copious amounts of bloodmeal added. My hands are blistered, and my body feels as though it’s earned its dinner, which is from last year’s garden.

Mike set shrimp pots two days ago. Let the planting and harvesting begin!

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