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Bookmark #2: Finished!

D-O-N-E-Done. I put it out of sight. I’ll look at it tomorrow to see what I think, and I’ll try scanning it to see how that looks. Tonight, I think I like it. It’s 2-sided (though it wouldn’t have to be), and finished pretty much like this, minus the arthroscopic stitchery.

I’ve been looking at the Bookmark #3 pattern. I’ve got to decide on colors.

I spent most of the day uploading, configuring, and learning how to use a new mailing list program. That’s been on my To-Do list for 17 months! Not kidding. It’s terribly lame of me to have put it off so long. I find some web stuff intimidating, and this was one. A kind fellow at my web host pointed me to a tutorial and I did my best to follow it step-by-step. I still did it wrong. The instructions weren’t the best. Honestly, someone needs to hire me to write software tutorials. They so often assume too much, and this one was just plain sloppy. Luckily, a different kind fellow at my web host was able to figure out my problem and fix it.

I went through every link on the menu and I think I have a basic understanding of how to use the program. That feels pretty good.

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  1. Yay, Monique! Make sure you get the logo from me when you do your pattern layout, so stitchers know it’s part of the program. Oh, and I’ll get you and the bookmark on a page here. You can guest-blog about it whenever you want.

    Got all that?