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The Stitchers’ Village

This was going to be my January 1 post, but we dashed off for a fun-filled weekend with friends, and here we are two weeks later. Does that happen to anyone else?

the-stitchers-village.jpgI’ve been itching to spill this gem of a secret since I learned details in September. In one month, that is, on Feb. 15, 2009, The Stitchers’ Village is coming to the World Wide Web. The Village will be an interactive online community of stitchers, with shops, classes, events, and a whole lot of stitchy fun.

I’ve been wanting to focus more on online needlework classes, and with the launch of the Village, classes are now at the top of my To-Do list. Hence, yesterday’s post.

Jo Mason from Dinky Dyes Threads and Designs and Janie Hubble from The Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio Pty Ltd are the brains behind The Stitchers’ Village. With these two creative, fun, and capable women at the helm, I didn’t hesitate to jump aboard. Okay, I would have begged, but they didn’t make me. You see, they’re super-nice to boot.

I will be offering the Embroidery Me! Bracelet Basics and Beyond class along with the new ones I’m currently developing. I hope to write for the Village newsletter, and we’ll see what other kinds of merry festivities we can create there. It occurs to me that a scavenger hunt might be in order as we all learn our way around. Puzzles…games…contests… Yoo-hoo, Jo? Janie?

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  1. Fabulous! The idea is wonderful and I just love the graphic of the village–it’s an image of small town and brings to mind the endless goodness that small towns have to offer.

    Please tell me…are the terms LNSs and ONSs in computerese or stitcherese? In either case, I’m not fluent.

  2. Great question, Shell. LNS and ONS are stitcherese.

    LNS=Local Needlework Shop, referring to a brick-and-morter shop

    ONS=Online Needlework Shop