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Aida vs. Black vs. Pale

I’m working on a new online class, trying to meet a very tight deadline, and am in a bit of a quandary choosing fabric. If I’m going to meet this deadline–and nothing says I have to, though it would be nice if I could–I am limited to fabrics I have on hand. I have three possibilities (the right texture and count), and I’d like you to help me choose.

As many of you know, I love black fabric, but it can be difficult to see to count threads. Black is one option.

Another option is a yellow plainweave fabric that is perfect in every way, except the color is a little pale for my particular tastes.

The third option is aida. I’m using the Tropical Green–a lovely lime–for a test piece, and I have a couple of other colors that would please me.

What are your feelings and preferences with regards to fabrics? If you like the look of a piece, do you care what it is stitched on?

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  1. I care – I like working on smaller count. Hard to fine nice fabric in 40 count. Have gotten away from Aida.

  2. I have also gotten away from Aida, but the fact is, I started on it. There are a lot of people out there who want the simplicity. They actually don’t want to try evenweaves. I’ve done some very nice pieces on small count (or is it large count/small size?) Aida. So, yes, I care what fabric something is on, but I prefer to keep an open mind.
    Here’s my take. Jen, it’s a class. People are trying to learn the technique you are teaching and may not want to deal with a serious challenge from the fabric they are using. I love black fabric, but I swear at myself every time I use it. I chose to use it, I love how it looks, it makes me crazy. (I did Night Howl on Aida, by the way, and I don’t mind admitting it!) Most people who take a class don’t expect to only make the item for the class and then never use the technique again.(Case in point, my cache of braclet making supplies.) So, you could include a picture of the project on black or suggest that it would be really cool on black.

    Don’t work the project in a color that doesn’t make you happy. The enthusiasm you have for your work comes through in your teaching and I think something will be lost if you don’t feel great about the project.

    If you like the color of the Aida, go for it. You own it, so you must not totally hate Aida. I think looking down one’s nose at it is a bit pretentious. (I don’t mean to offend anyone, but that’s how I feel.) Stitching shouldn’t be an exclusive club, but a flexible community. Your students may appreciate being told it is okay to use Aida.

    What is your time line? I’ve put together a box of goodies for you, including some fabric that I will either never use, or have too much of. (No Aida.) I was planning on mailing it on Saturday. Don’t hold off waiting, though, ’cause you might hate it all!

  3. still new and still using Aida. I love black canvas, and the trick that the ladies showed me of a white paper backing made it so easier.
    For some reason I am really liking canvas. (Jen, from you I got a small piece of white sparkle canvas, (it is really stiff) and it is what I did my name tag on)
    It isn’t so much the fabric type for me but the stiffness, or flexibility of it.
    So I started with flexible and moved to stiffer stuff.
    who knows where I will go next?