On Standby

Mike and I are in a holding pattern, waiting for seas to calm down so we can go out to the new Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge in Aialik Bay.

Mike will begin work on cabin interiors, and I will help him as needed and continue with my own work as usual. We’ll also be checking out winter conditions on the site. We’ll have four or five weeks on our own before the full work crew arrives. I’ll return home when the major work starts, in time for the 2009 Bookmark Challenge.


We will have satellite Internet, so I’ll still be around here, but as we discovered over the summer, connectivity is weather-dependent. No one has any idea how much or little we’ll be able to get online. That’s one of the things we aim to learn.

Right now, seas are 24 feet. We’re not going anywhere today.

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  1. I’ll be cooking for the next six weeks or so, while Mike and I are here, but as soon as the full crew comes in, I’m outta here.

    I’ll give a tour of the winter cabin and facilities in the next couple of days.