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The Needlework Show Puzzle Contest

My puzzle contest for The Needlework Show was kinda hard, but those who did it seemed to enjoy it, even if they couldn’t get all 12 answers. Puzzles should be fun, even when you can’t solve them. And it should even be fun to think the puzzle-maker’s clues are dumb or just plain wrong. It’s okay; I can take it!mike-weber-frustrated.jpg

^&(@$&#&*! Sea otter

Originally, I had one title wrong in the puzzle. I twisted “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” into “A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist.” And that’s with the title right in front of me! Luckily, someone brought it to my attention early on, so I was able to fix it and save most people from the confusion.

Since I was making that change, I decided to change another title as well. Originally, I had combined Madame Bovary and A Sentimental Education the way I’d combined The Iliad and the Odyssey, because the titles seemed too easy by themselves. However, I left out the “and” so it was confusing. In the end, I went with just Madame Bovary.

The rest of the answers to the puzzle are now posted on my Web site, along with the name of the winner. There’s supposed to be a shop owner winner, too, but she has not yet responded to my email telling her she won. If I don’t get a response soon, I’ll pick another winner.

And I already know what my puzzle will be for the April 2008 Needlework Show, he-he-he.

Cheers to everyone who plays my silly games! I appreciate you and think you’re brilliant!

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  1. Is it “he-he-he” or “hee – hee – hee”? I’m Dad so I can question that. But I’ve been wrong before – – – once.

  2. I tried to write it the way I was pronouncing it–with a soft e. An evil-ish chuckle. Perhaps it would be better written heh-heh-heh? That looks more confused (huh?) than evil to me.

    Even if you want to give the chuckle a long e sound, technically, “he” should work. How do pronounce “he”?

    I’m allowed to argue; I’m Daughter! 🙂

  3. [shrug] “Tough” is both relative and subjective. I love “sounds like” puzzles, but I don’t always figure them out.

    You know, more than once I’ve stumped myself with my own puzzles. Puzzles I made a few months ago can look brand new to me tomorrow!

  4. I loved the puzzle. It was tough, but that made it fun. I had a sheet I was working on at work and one at home and on a couple of them I had solved it in one location and couldn’t remember it in the other! I wrote it off to a senior moment (hour, day).

  5. I like tough puzzles, too! Even ones I can’t completely solve. Not everyone feels that way so I try to mix it up.