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Clueless in Alaska Gets a Nod

cluelesscover-250w.jpgI’ll say it again: I love Google Alerts!

I just found out (thanks to Google Alerts) that Clueless in Alaska was mentioned as a social studies resource during a Bering Strait School District Inservice earlier this week. Yay! I want teachers to know about this book, but I’m lousy at pushing it. I am simultaneously a great and terrible marketer. I can develop wonderfully creative and effective marketing ideas, but I’m awful at promoting my own stuff. I can promote needlework or a shop, but not my own patterns. I can promote reading and the books of others, but not my own.

I’m grateful that Sasquatch Books is patient and gives their books time to get a footing.

Now I need to devote some time to my Web site to make it more useful to teachers. I have an Alaska page that sits fallow. (No point linking to it.) My intention was to post regular–I’ll be happy if they’re monthly!–updates about what’s going on in AK: weather, temperature, events, daylight, our activities. Things that teachers might be able to use. But I’ve never gotten into the routine of doing that. Perhaps by confessing that failing here I’ll get on the stick (Ew. That’s a terrible saying.) and DO IT. I update the needlework home page at least once a month; there’s no reason I can’t update the writing Alaska page, too.

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  1. That’s neat about your book! I’ll have to get it for my daughter… we are working our way through the states and this sounds like a fun one for AK.

  2. Yes! It’s perfect for homeschooling, but I’ve done zip to market it to that very active, savvy, and responsive crowd.

    I want to do slide shows for homeschool groups, too–like school visits, but for homeschoolers–with show-and-touch natural history objects and all.

  3. I’ve misplaced my copy! Actually, I think I put it neatly on a shelf and haven’t figured out where. So many books, so little time.