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January TNNA NeedleArts Market classes

tnna-logo.gifI am teaching 3 classes at the TNNA NeedleArts Market in January. One of them is a Make-It/Take-It class: I will demonstrate how to organize and run an event, and I’m designing/preparing 10 projects that shop owners can take home and use. I’ve had a number of shop owners ask me for these kinds of project ideas, and as a designer, I think it’s kind of my duty to come up with them.

aida-bookmark1.jpgIn general, a Make-It/Take-It project must be quick and easy to complete. The Read Ambigram bookmark pushed that limit, but I felt I had good reasons to allow it. Finishing a Make-It/Take-It project is key. It’s no good to have someone stitch something on a piece of fabric and leave it as that: a piece of fabric. How will that inspire anyone to embrace the craft? We need to finish the piece into something interesting and worthwhile. That, to me, is the kicker. The hard part. The important part. The part where I can help.

At this moment, I have a list of 31 project finishing ideas. I’d like a lot more. Sure, I’m aiming for only 10, but I want 10 great projects, so I want a wide selection to choose from.

So what do you have to suggest? Got any quick-and-easy embroidery finishes you care to share?

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