The Needlework Show – Delayed

Things happen.

The Needlework Show, scheduled for April 18-23, has been delayed due to technical difficulties. We’re too much for the server! Woo-hoo! It’s a bummer and all that, and probably not good for business, but it’s kind of cool, too, to think that we’re an overwhelming bunch. Look out–here come those needleworkers.

Consequently, the show is being moved to a new dedicated server and will re-open soon. If you’ve entered our puzzle contest, you needn’t re-enter when the show opens again. I’ll keep all entries. The dates of the re-opening will be posted at The Needlework Show as soon as we know them. Maybe I’ll get them on my site. Maybe not.

I’m off to a writing conference in the Poconos tomorrow! I don’t even know if I’ll have internet access. The brochure doesn’t say. Even if I have access, the schedule is pretty busy. Besides, if I’m going to a conference, I plan to be there–you know, devote my time and attention to it. Of course, my attention is better focused when my hands are busy, so I have a new portable stitching project all ready to tote along. I won’t reveal much, but I’ll say this: It’s bright pink, lime green, sunny yellow, outrageous orange, etc. on black fabric. Gee…wonder what inspired that? This, perhaps? Or this?

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