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New Rules At Needle & ThREAD

Holy spam! Those were some nasty trackback comments. I presume you saw at least a few of them. I just deleted 354 from the blog, and again from my email, because I’m notified about comments. That was a serious chunk of time spammers stole from me, and I feel…well, I feel robbed. Violated. It’s beyond rude. Of course it didn’t happen when I’m at home and have regular internet access. No, it happened while I’m out traveling, with spotty internet access.

So I finally learned a bit about spam filters and applied one. We’ll see if that helps. If not, I’ll start moderating comments, and if that becomes burdensome, I’ll see if I can set it up so that only approved people can post comments. I might like to do that anyway.

I apologize for the vile nature of the past several-hundred comments.

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  1. Aww, I missed out on the spam comments. Hope you don’t consider me one of them. (ha) Hope the traveling is going well. Spoke to Mike today. He has been wondering how you have been doing too. (Sounds like you have had some missed connections with all the hotel stays.)
    You are not missing much here. Rain, rain, rain, and lots of mud.

  2. Didn’t see them either. You must have gotten a special treat. Sorry you had to put up with it. How was writing conference, etc? Needlework Show is finally off the ground. I LOVE the new Let There Be Night, but I now have visions of floating diapers dancing in my head! I can see how that might have delayed you.