Speaking Of Delays…

Here’s a project that lived on the back burner:I took an EGA ICC–that’s an Independent Correspondence Course offered by the Embroiderer’s Guild of America. What was supposed to take 6 months, took me more than 18 months. The instructor, Pat Donaldson, kind and patient, let me dawdle all along the way. This was something I did for fun, so I put no pressure on myself to complete it by a deadline.

The class was on finishing techniques, and focused on edge stitches. When I designed our bracelets with the picot edge, I began to explore edges further, and this class was part of that exploration. I created a notebook of samples that I can refer to when I’m searching for a way to finish future projects.

The 3 samples below are a simple hemstitch, ladder and zigzag hemstitching, and a buttonhole edge with needlelace.

The final project was an original design, incorporating a number of techniques from the class, and one we’d learned from our research. Naturally, I wanted to do something unique! Needlework edges, however, tend to be straight (even a zigzagged hardanger edge essentially is straight). So what could I do with a bunch of straight edges?

edge04.jpgThis! I used nun’s stitch, buttonhole, needlelace, pulled cross stitch with fringe, picot and 4-sided stitch, and ladder hemstitching. The needleweaving at the base is supposed to be water and I used shiny silver and rayon fibers. I ripped and re-stitched the needleweaving half a dozen times at least. I really wanted waves, curvy patches of different fibers, but was never happy with the distortion and holes caused by isolating sections. Eventually, I decided that the natural “waves” created by the weaving were sufficiently indicative of water. How’s that for rationalization?

I loved taking the class, and look forward to more. I plan to start a new one this summer. Here’s one I’d like to do, but the length of the project scares me.

Silk and Metal Thread Embroidery

I’d like a class on goldwork, too. And stumpwork. And, and…

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  1. Your project is wonderful! Your take on it is fresh, original and dare I say it? unique.
    The silk and metal threads class sounds amazing. You should go for it.