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The Needlework Nutshell

The Needlework Nutshell is going to be late this month. All is well; it’s just late.

vole.jpgOne of the Microtus voles (as opposed to the red-backed voles); I would guess a meadow vole. Voles are mice with short tails. The grassland around the lagoon bustles with these.

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  1. Love the photo! I, for one, find this particular vole to be far cuter than the average mouse.

  2. I do, too. It’s got a rounder nose. As I edited the photo, I thought it looked a little like a pika.

    I also think it’s cuter because it’s outside in the grass doing it’s voley thing as it’s supposed to do. Beats the heck out of a meddlesome mouse chewing into the oats and crackers and leaving little brown sprinkles behind. Ick!