Reading Roundup

ironman.jpgWhat’s on my nightstand? Ironman, by Chris Crutcher.

I love this book! Seventeen-year-old Bo Brewster knows how to push–himself and others. He maintains a grueling schedule to train for a triathlon while taking care of his little brother and not falling behind in school. When his English teacher (and ex-football coach), father, or college-aged workout rival push him, Bo pushes back, even if it means being expelled, forced to attend anger-management meetings, or beaten up.

Though billed as a sports novel, it’s just as much about relationships, self-discovery, and deciphering mixed messages from adults. Crutcher is a therapist; he knows his psychology and uses it to give his characters depth. Ironman oozes honesty and truth along with good humor.

Incidentally, he hits on a theme I’ve been struggling with in one of my own stories. Seeing how Crutcher handles it is like a trip to the book doctor. Lucky me!

This is the second Chris Crutcher novel I’ve read. It will not be the last. My gut says this guy is precisely my cup of chai.

Note to Shell: Might be a good match for Joshua.

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