Where Was I?

At the lodge in Aialik, of course. A mostly recreational trip this time, though Mike did install a door and took measurements for two new projects which he’ll execute here at home.

‘Tis the season to fill the freezer, so we fished…

halibut-1.jpg…for halibut.
halibut-2.jpgLooks like Denny and Mike are working pretty hard for it, no?
halibut-3.jpgIt weighs in at a nice manageable and oh-so-yummy twenty-three pounds.
halibut-4.jpgYou’ll have to imagine the work involved in hauling in this ninety pounder. I had it on the hook; Denny lassoed the tail; Mike gaffed it. On the count of three heave then watch out for the flapping. Don’t charter boats shoot big halibut before they bring them into the boat? Um…yes, yes they do.

We also shrimped.

shrimp-1.jpgA winch? You mean a woman who dresses up in Civil War-period costume and waits tables in a Gettysburg restaurant? Why would we need one of those? Five pots on three 600-foot lines, pulled up by hand, mostly by Mike.
shrimp-2.jpgLittle by little, shrimp by shrimp, morning and evening…
shrimp-3.jpg…the catch increases.


Now we need some salmon.

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  1. We’re coming over for dinner…um…I don’t think that fish is going to fit in your cooler, Jen!

  2. That’s a big cooler and it was almost full to the brim when all was said and done.

    Halibut nachos tonight. See you here!