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New Puzzle Pattern Progress

Abandoned…temporarily. Back-burnered. Not happening now.

Bummer. It was looking good for a while, as though I may have it finished in time to display at the June TNNA market, even if the pattern wasn’t printed. But no.

I’ll get back to it. I always do. Then maybe we’ll have that guess-what-it-is contest.

As often happens, I’m over-extended just now. The Spiderwick project wasn’t something I had planned. That was a boulder thrown into my pool of spring activities, and it displaced a bunch of things. That’s not a complaint or excuse, merely a fact. I love that boulder, and think it’s a lovely addition to my personal landscape. The new puzzle pattern will wait.

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  1. Well Jen, flexibility’s the name of the game. Especially when a person is as busy as you! You have a good attitude!

  2. The puzzle will get done, other projects will be finished first and Jen will remain sane. Who knows, the puzzle may end up better for cooking a little longer.