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What’s in a Number?

black-cat.gifThe last time I had a booth at a TNNA trade show it was number 911, as in nine-eleven. I got a call at 5 in the morning (people sometimes forget we’re in Alaska) informing me of this, and in my barely aware state I made some unsettling connections: my business was going to implode, the show would be a disaster, etc. Upon later reflection, I decided I would be in booth 9-1-1, as opposed to booth 9-11, and thus would be ENS: Emergency Needlework Services.

At the show, one of the ceiling lights near our booth flickered, popped, sparked, and eventually caught on fire. It was a small fire, and it burned itself out before the fire department arrived, but it caused a bit of a commotion and concern.

I just received my Galleria panel number in the mail. You might recall, I won this panel in a random drawing. My panel number is…drum roll…13.

Anyone care to bet that my booth number in June will be 666?!

Good thing I’m not superstitious, eh?

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