S4L Book Club November Pick

I’m so excited! The S4L Book Club is born. I’ll lead the first discussion in November, and since we don’t yet have a system for book selection, unless we ultimately choose to go with Leader’s Choice, I’m just going to pick. (Please post book recommendations in a comment or send an email to mail [AT] funkandweber [DOT] com–my address is in the sidebar, you know.)

At first, I was going to pick a book I’d already read and knew was good, but I changed my mind. When you’re the Leader, feel free to do this, but I’m throwing caution to the wind. This time around. I want the adventure of going in blind, discovering the book together, and seeing what happens.

So…my pick for November is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. I know it’s available as an audio book in addition to print, so Stitchers thread your needles and tune in.

My reasons for this pick:

  • I find the title irresistible.
  • A book club is born rather suddenly in the story. (Huh. Imagine that.)
  • The quote that opens most blurbs I’ve seen is this: “. . . I wonder how the book got to Guernsey? Perhaps there is some sort of secret homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers.” I think we’re perfect readers.
  • Annie Barrows writes the Ivy + Bean series, which I know and like.
  • Mary Ann and Annie are an aunt and niece writing team. (Psst, Favorite Niece!)
  • I can get my mitts on it quickly!

So there it is. The first S4L Book Club book pick. Discussion will begin November 1. I’m aiming for a whole month of discussion and related book-play, but we’ll see what happens.

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  1. I’ve read this book and was going to recommend it for a selection. I think it’s perfect for a book club. It isn’t a difficult read, but it is a good read. Well chosen oh fearless leader!

  2. Drat. I’m sorry it won’t be new for you, Becca. Hooray that you liked it and recommend it, though.

    Does this mean you want to help lead discussion? You can pioneer the Guest Host position. We’ll start with a one month commitment. That’s it. One month…easy peasy. (I won’t mention that it’s NaNoWriMo month. Shhhh.)

  3. You are very tricksy. But what the heck, yes, I’ll help lead the discussion. Maybe my NaNo effort will be about an on-line book club and I can include anything I write for the club in my novel! (Now I’m the one who’s tricksy)

  4. Hei, I will try to order this book from my library.
    I just wonder… what does it stand for, the name “S4L”? is it a word-play-game?
    Anyway I hope I get the book and can read along with you all 😉

  5. Harriet, S4L is short for Stitching for Literacy.

    Will you read the book in English, or will you look for a Norwegian translation? I have no idea if it’s been translated into Norwegian, of course.

    Does your library stock a lot of English books?

    Can you download audio books or e-books from your library?

  6. I recommended this book for my book club a few months ago. It’s excellent and I hope lots of other folks join in and read it! The quote you mention is one that has stuck with me too.

    BTW, have you thought of perhaps setting up a group on Goodreads ( It might be an easy way to run the bookclub, but it’s just a suggestion!

  7. Hei, Jen and the other readers joining the club…
    I will read the books in English. I have a confirmation from my local library that my orders are: 1) audio book in English and 2) a paper book in Norwegian.
    I will listen to the book – and maybe stitch since I got some Xmas projects going on…

    If the discussions will be in/about details/moods/harmonies/depths of xxx in the book, I may miss it due to language difficulties and I may have to check in the Norwegian translation… Just this first time, I hope 😉

    The worst part is writing and give comments, so I have to do it: practice 😉

    The librarian did like the idea of this reading group!
    And our national library system have a lot of literature in English, so I hope it will not be a problem to follow this group.

    It is not possible for “ordinary people” to download audio books or e-books. And I thought I was special! 😉
    I think they just have not got the system ready yet because of “book rights/royalties” or …. ?

    But we modern reading women will have to wait a bit longer to be “special” and not any more be just “ordinary” people… I can wait, because I like the idea of borrowing a book and give it back. Sometimes I even “forget” a bookmark inside 😉

  8. I read this, too, and really enjoyed it. But it was a while ago, so now I worry that I won’t recall the book well enough to participate in the discussion. Shall I reread it? Hmmmm.

  9. @Shell – Yes, reread if you can, please. I forget so much about books after I read them.

    @Erica – I haven’t spent much time at goodreads, but will check it out–I’m not promising when! Thanks.

    @Harriet – I’ve left bookmarks in library books, too! Send pictures of any stitched ones you leave. I’ll count those bookmarks in our Bookmark Challenge total.